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Welcome to Mix And Mingles Travelling Singles. We organize trips, vacations, fun travel groups for mature single people in Alberta to have an enjoyable time on vacations. Trips are arranged for groups or for individuals with our exclusive travel agency. The travel events are in a safe and fun setting and provide many opportunities to meet other like-minded singles.

To view photopgraphs of previous Mix And Mingles Traveling Singles trips please check the photographs page.

TRAVEL PUB NIGHT Last Thursday Of Every Month, Next Event in 2015

Join Mix and Mingles Traveling Singles Pub Night

DONEGAL Irish Pub 1637 37th Street SW (on the corner of 17 Ave and 37 St SW. Lots of parking in the back of the lot and accross the street. Thursday special 5 oz Steak Sandwich $4.99. (we will be in the back corner with our own section ask at the front for Mix And Mingles location)

Are you interested in hearing about travel, talking about destinations, taking a cruise with other fun singles, listening to presentations and sharing your travel experiences? If you are then join the Mix and Mingles Traveling Singles at our monthy pub nights on the last Thursday of every month starting at 7:00 pm. This is a great opportunity for you to meet other fellow-travelers, have supper, appies, wine or a couple pints and find out what upcoming trips you can join with the Traveling Singles.



Mix and Mingles Traveling Singles 3 week trip to Japan, Korea and China.

We had a great time seeing all the sites, enjoying the atmosphere and having adventures as we travelled. Many fond memories of the places and the events.

YouTube YouTube BRAZIL Travel Adventure ...

Are you interested in going just before Carnival Time when the temperatures vary from high 30's to low 20's and the crowds are less intense? We can visit romantic Rio de Janeiro, awesome Iguazu Falls as well as many other locations that are still in the planning stages. When you sign up for this trip you will need a Brazilian Visa to travel; It may take a couple months to obtain this visa... so start planning and making arrangements.

Mix and Mingles Traveling Singles will be having trip presentation nights for all Mix and Minglers and Single Travelers who are interested, adventurous and ready! Keep posted for events and for locations.

If you are interested in going on this trip or seeing the presentations please contact Dean at

Planned Future Trips

  • Caribbean Latin Dance Cruise
  • Cuba in 2015
  • Golf and wine weekend trips
  • Last minute deals for all-inclusive vacation resorts
  • Your ideas and dream vacations...

Previous Trips And Recomendations on Our Good Finds

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Photos Hawaii November 2011

Map Photos Mediterranean 12 Cruise and Italy Land Tour May 22 to June 3 2011

TRAVELING SINGLES An Overview of What We Provide For You

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Mix And Mingles Traveling Singles is a Calgary owned company whose purpose is to connect single and solo travelers and to encourage hospitality and networking, among people who travel without a partner.

You can be part of an entertaining vacation that is organized and hosted in safe, fun-filled getaways. And you can also join us for exciting, international, vacation holidays. These trips are created especially for singles and solo travelers over the age of 40!

You have an option for a “pair-up share”. We promote and offer on a first come-first serve room-share option for same gender individuals who are traveling solo and wish to avoid the single supplement costs. We give opportunities for all the travelers and room sharers in our group trips chances to meet and socialize before the trip. Individuals get to know each other’s travel interests, which adds to the comfort of the holiday. We also enjoy planning joint excursions and theme nights as a group.

All our published costs are in Canadian dollars. Costs of the complete trip are discussed and many options on excursions are available. Your travel insurance is individualized for you. You may receive information on or attend packing seminars for our trips. We will occasionally promote a “good value” or special interest trip that may appeal to our single clientele. We book our trips exclusively with Expedia Cruiseship Centers, Mount Royal Calgary AB. Booking with Mix And Mingles Travel gives you exclusive participation on any planned single events on our trips.

Our destinations and activities have been chosen to offer the best excitement, adventure, safety and all the social possibilities available. We search for good vacation deals, promotions or popular travel destinations. Whether you're an experienced, savvy globe trotter or new to the travel scene we have something for all individuals or group singles over the age of 40.

Fly, walk, sail, bike, stroll, cruise, or drive your way through exotic and exciting destinations you've dreamed of visiting. So what are you waiting for? Make friends, have fun and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Travel Agencies

  • Mix and Mingles will be accessing various Travel Agencies to help us plan, organize and book ALL our fun Mix And Mingles Traveling Singles destinations. Our trips will specialize in 'mature singles travel' since there are many of us over the age of 40 who wish to travel with others, travel to various destinations, cruise, explore the world and pick-up a last minute good-deal trips.
  • All Traveling Singles that sign up with this group will have many opportunities to discover different parts of the world in a safe, fun and adventurous spirit.
  • We will book all types of travel and look forward to working with you to plan your next fun single travel experience.

Dean Zarazun, CEO of Mix And Mingles
Dean Zarazun is the Singles Travel Specialist and will continue to host travel events for the Mix And Mingles Traveling Singles.

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