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If it weren't for your Mix and Mingle in September I wouldn't have met the man of my dreams. I mean it, when I first saw Gord across the room, I instantly got butterflies in my stomach and was all nervous and yet excited at the same time. And trust me this was NOT like me at all. After 15 minutes of encouragement from my girlfriends I mustered up enough courage to walk by him and then the second time by I approached him and started talking. He immediately asked me to dance and I was a so taken by his charm, not to mention his smooth dancing, that I was smitten and totally swept off my feet. So there is hope out there gals, don't settle, wait for that someone special to come along, because he's out there and waiting for you.

Recently we enjoyed a 2 week holiday to Cuba which was fantastic, not to mention all the special weekends we've had. So thank you Dean for having the Mix & Mingles, for being such an advocate for singles, and going out of your way to make every event special and everyone special.

Sincerely, Jeannie and Gord

Thanks so much for the invite to that social last weekend. It gave me an excuse to invite a lot of people I have been talking with on internet, but have never met! And, I ended up meeting a wonderful man!

Any how,,,,thanks you thank you thank you...says it all!

Can we do it again...and soon! The atmosphere and crowd were both fantastic....and I crave that feeling! Had such a great time.

How can we make this happen soon....I am getting tooo old to wait 4 or 5 months....

Had so much fun,,,,thanks again. Susan

Just wanted to say that I appreciated all that you did to make my New Years Eve a success!

I was surprised at how many people that I knew at your planned function..I guess I am "getting out there" more than I realized. The food was amazing..I had eaten before as I thought is was a light buffet( expected finger foods). Thanks for the photo too.

I do not know how you made any money as it was amazing value.

I would like to be on your advance notice list ..as my social calendar seems to fill quickly with all my dancing lessons and practice sessions. (Glad our dancing paths have crossed:)

Take care of YOU, Judy

Just a quick note to say that you organized an absolutely wonderful party. Thank you for all your efforts and time spent in doing this for us -- I really enjoyed it as did everyone else. It was well put together and very well received by everyone I thought. The photos were a wonderful feature and surprise.

Have a wonderful  year.

Cheers, Allen

Hi Dean.
Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had at Table 21. And to congratulate you on a superb evening.

Well Done! Pearl

Well after all is said and done you have once again out done yourself- the people that I talked to were most impressed and wanted me to thank you- as I do as well! You gave people a gift and thank you for that

Have a Happy New Year AND ALL THE BEST TO YOU! Doug

Attended New Years Eve Dance...
Had a great evening... My compliments... Good food, company, entertainment, music, etc...
Someone at the function commented how you were intending on having a Valentine's dance and more functions... Would like to get on your email list of persons you contact for up & coming functions...

Thank You in advance, Ron

I attended the New Years Eve party at the Radisson and I had a great time. I was wondering if Mix and Mingles has a web site listing other upcoming events?

Thanks, Ernie

Hi Dean, A fabulous creation....I am so glad it went off well. People were amazed at the quality of the food, they got a lot more than they expected. A great evening...

Happy New Year, Ivor :)

I just wanted to thank you for arranging a successful New Year's Eve party. We had a great time and met lots of nice new people. The food was good, music by D.J. was great, and we had hours of fun dancing. The photographer did a great job of taking those pictures as well. I am wondering if you have his phone number or email so I can contact him for some additional copies of the pictures.

Have a good week and I am looking forward to the next mix and mingles at Boomtown or wherever in the City.

Best regards, Bettina

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